BAVENO 27 with Covers (2-hole faucet setting)

Hideaway Undermount/Drop-In Sink 27 with Covers

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USD 1,024.00

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Matte Gray

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  • BOCCHI Farmhouse Sinks bring back the ultimate material to your kitchen. Fireclay, a 100% natural organic and recyclable material used by craftsman for centuries to create timeless appliances has now returned to your kitchen. With the firing in our kilns up to 2000°F temperatures, Fireclay becomes the most durable material used in today's kitchens. Thus, dealing with extreme heat coming from pots and pans is definitely not a problem. Due to their special glaze coating fused with the fireclay body, our sinks have a non-porous, uniform, scratch and stain resistant surface. With its protective bottom grid and distinctive looks, BOCCHI Farmhouse Sinks are truly crafted to match your design and functional desires.

  • Features:

  • Hide-Away Sink includes cutting board covers (x2)
  • Dual Installation Option—Choose between Undermount or Drop-In
  • Integrated Workstation ledge for use with customized accessories: cutting boards, colanders and roller mats; with unique hide-away features
  • Includes: (outer ledge) 2320 0007 covers x2, 2350 0005 roller mat; (inside) 2320 0006 cutting board, 2310 0007 colander, 2350 0004 roller mat, 2330 0001 basket strainer, 2300 2058 sink grid
  • Optional Accessories: 2320 0014, 2320 0012, 2320 0010, 2320 0008, 2310 0006
  • Compatible with 2029 0001 XX Baveno Move and 2030 0001 XX Baveno Move+ Telescopic Faucets
  • 2-hole faucet setting (requires use of Baveno Telescopic faucets to be used with covers)
  • Can accommodate a garbage disposal, no special flange required
  • Extreme resistance to chip, discoloration, scratching and cracking
  • Exclusive high-pressure casted fine fireclay production for durability and timeless elegance
  • Deals with extreme heat coming from pots and pans up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes removable protective bottom grid & strainer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Outside Dimensions

Height: 10" (254 mm) (254 mm)

Width: 19" (482.6 mm)

Length: 27" 685.8 mm

Fits Cabinet

Size: 30" (762 mm)

Number Of Bowls


Item Weight

49 lbs (22.23 kg)

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