BOCCHI Colander

BOCCHI Colander (Mahogany/SS) fits to 1616, 1618 and 1633 (inner ledge).

Model Number :

2310 0007


USD 94.00


  • Your design, your way...Complete your new kitchen sink by adding style and functionality with BOCCHI accessories. 

  • BOCCHI Colander is an essential tool in any kitchen, allowing for easy and efficient draining of pasta, vegetables and more. A BOCCHI Colander can become an indispensable part of your daily cooking routine, making meal prep faster,easier, and more enjoyable.

  • 2310 0007 BOCCHI Colander (Mahogany/SS) fits multiple granite and fine fireclay sinks: 1616, 1618, 1633 (inner ledge). 

Outside Dimensions

Length: 16"

Width: 8"

Height: 3"

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