Dual-Mount Fireclay 24

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Sapphire Blue

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  • BOCCHI Sinks bring back the ultimate material to your kitchen. Fireclay, a 100% natural organic and recyclable material used by craftsman for centuries to create timeless appliances has now returned to your kitchen. With the firing in our kilns up to 2000°F temperatures, Fireclay becomes the most durable material used in today's kitchens. Thus, dealing with extreme heat coming from pots and pans is definitely not a problem. Due to their special glaze coating fused with the fireclay body, our sinks have a non-porous, uniform, scratch and stain resistant surface. With its protective bottom grid and distinctive looks, BOCCHI Sinks are truly crafted to match your design and functional desires.

  • Uniquely crafted for to allow multiple installation types. May be installed as an undermount, drop-in, or with an 11/16” semi-reveal that creates a workstation sink ledge suitable for use with select accessories, including: cutting board, colanders, and roller mat. Note, the roller mat  and expandable colander may also be used with the undermount and drop-in installations.


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  • Features:

  • 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC fine fireclay construction for an authentic and highest quality sink with unmatched durability. PROPRIETY GLAZING provides a SUPER-SMOOTH and HIGH-GLOSS finish and enhances the beauty and shine of the fireclay sink with a totally NON-POROUS surface for easy cleaning and protection against stains. Proudly crafted in the birthplace of fine fireclay using state-of-the-art production technology which adds a touch of MEDITERRANEAN ELEGANCE to your home while preserving the traditional art of fireclay; resulting in a FUSION of tradition and innovation, delivering a product of EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTY and DURABILITY.
  • GUARANTEED FINISH that is UV-safe with our TRUE-TONE COLOR in classic white high-gloss that withstands indoor or outdoor exposure to preserve its color and beauty for a LONG-LASTING look. ULTRA-DEEP single-bowl provides ample depth while the LARGE BASIN makes it easy to fit pots, pans and more with ease. Soft interior edges and superior glazing make for EASY-CLEANING and maintenance. HEAT SAFE material that is THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANT and safe for hot pots and pans that won’t age, crack or craze over time.
  • ENGINEERED for UNRIVALED DURABILITY to create a worry-free space within the home. SLOPING DRAIN provides easy runoff to ensure efficient draining and prevent puddling. HIGH-PRESSURE CASTING and SOLID-CORE CONSTRUCTION ensure maximum strength and quality, that is resistant to chipping. Sink grids provide easy clearance for draining and enough flex to cushion dishes when accidentally dropped in the sink. SOUND DAMPENING technology reduces noise and vibrations for a quieter and more pleasant experience. IMPERMEABLE SURFACE that is EASY-TO-CLEAN.
  • TRANSITIONAL DESIGN complements any style kitchen; DESIGNED TO ADD FUNCTION anywhere a sink is needed, great for maximizing small spaces; FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION OPTIONS—fully-glazed lip allows UNDERMOUNT or DROP-IN setting. Select WORKSTATION ACCESSORIES can be used with a drop-in or undermount install with an 11/16” SEMI-REVEAL installation. Safe for indoor or outdoor use. FREE ACCESSORIES include a custom-fit, engineered stainless steel sink grid and basket strainer; UPGRADE YOUR SINK with luxury drain covers and a range of accessories for EVEN MORE FUNCTIONALITY; select accessories included in some packages or sold separately: includes cutting board, colanders, roller mat and prep boards.
  • DIMENSIONS: 24” (left-to-right) x 19” (front-to-back) x 10” (tall), inside=21”x16”. Recommended minimum 27” base cabinet size. Due to the flexibility of installation (undermount or drop-in) and organic nature of the material, it’s recommended to use the actual sink being installed as its own template to ensure a perfect fit based on your unique product/home. STANDARD GARBAGE DISPOSAL COMPATIBLE without the need for extra parts or extender flanges. Packed in BIODEGRADABLE and FULLY RECYCLABLE materials for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution that is ENGINEERED and INDEPENDANTLY CERTIFIED and tested by ISTA 6 for added STRENGTH and PROTECTION during shipping.

Inside Dimensions

Length: 21" (533.4 mm)

Height: 9" 228.6 mm

Width: 16" (406.4 mm)

Outside Dimensions

Width: 19" (482 mm)

Height: 10" (254 mm)

Length: 24" (609 mm)

Item Weight

53.46 lbs (24.24 kg)

Fits Cabinet

Size: 27" (685 mm)

Number Of Bowls


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