BOCCHI Cutting Board for Nuova 1500 and 1501 Sinks

Wooden Cutting Board for BOCCHI Nuova 1500 and 1501 fireclay kitchen sinks - Sapele Wood

Model Number :

2320 0004


USD 99.00

Color :

Sapele Mahogany

  • Crafted from high quality Sapele Mahogany hardwood, BOCCHI cutting boards offer a durable cutting surface in a portable, easy-to-use design. This cutting board offers a convenient place for prep and cleanup. Features a grooved channel for easy drainng and a cutout handle for easy handling.

  • This model is compatible with the Nuova 1500 and 1501 kitchen sinks. Sold seperately or in select packages.

  • One year limited warranty.

Outside Dimensions

Width: 12" (300 mm)

Length: 19" (480 mm)

Height: 1" (30 mm)

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