Page 9 - Bocchi 2020 Bathroom Catalog
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                           BOCCHI brings back the ultimate material to your home. Fireclay, a 100%
                           natural and recyclable material, used by craftsmen for centuries to create
                           timeless fixtures, has now returned to our bathrooms.

                           Due to the specialized manufacturing process, which includes firing in
                           kilns up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, fireclay becomes one of the most
                           durable materials used in today's bathroom fixtures. Their specialized
                           glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay body during firing gives fireclay
                           sinks a non-porous, uniform surface which will not scratch, rust or stain
                           over time.
                           BOCCHI Fireclay Bathroom Products allow homeowners to compliment
                           other furnishings and incorporate many different themes to showcase their

                           With 12 designer colors to choose from including metallic glaze finishes,
                           and multiple styles and sizes, each product can be installed in multiple
                           ways that allow you truly customize your style... define your world with
                           BOCCHI bathroom products.

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