Page 11 - Bocchi 2020 Bathroom Catalog
P. 11


                              The idea of design now goes beyond mere objects and products and turns
                              into a holistic experience in our age.
                              Our priority is to introduce differentiated products that have stories. . .
                              Stories driven by the idea of design, to the process all the way from initial
                              design concepts through the end user.

                              BOCCHI is committed to combining its modern and traditional human-
                              oriented design approach with high technology to offer innovative
                              solutions. It's a hallmark to our company's original motto of 'il bagno per
                              tutti' or 'a bathroom for all.'
                              Each product takes a journey from soil to ceramic... along the way BOCCHI
                              remains a leader in its awareness for responsibility for nature and society.
                              Each product is designed and built with care, and meant to last.

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