Stainless Steel Sink Rack for 33 in. 1506 Undermount Fireclay Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks New Design

Model Number :

2300 2034


USD 83.00

Color :

Stainless Steel

  • BOCCHI stainless steel wire Sink Grid designed to fit our fireclay kitchen sink models: Sotto 33D (1506-XXX-0120). Offers a stable base for dishes while keeping the base of the sink clear to allow for easy draining. Specially engineered spacing allows enough flexibility in the grid to absorb impact from dropped dishes to help prevent breakage. Features rubber feet that prevent scuff marks.

  • Features:

  • Protective stainless steel wire grid with rubber feet
  • Perfectly sized to fit Sotto 33D (1506-XXX-0120) small right side sink
  • Engineered to offer a stable base for dishes while allowing water to drain freely
  • Grids spaced to allow enough flex to help absorb impact from dropped dishes; protecting your dishes and your sink
  • Rubber feet protect your sink from scuff marks
  • Grid only, sink sold separately



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