BOCCHI Designers


Fenice and Etna Series are designed by Danelon&Meroni for Bocchi.

Italian designers Claudia Danelon and Federico Meroni completed their studies in Industrial Design at the renowned Politecnico di Milano. Their collaboration began during their time at university and has persisted ever since. Currently, their design studio, DanelonMeroni, is located in London, where they both reside and work. Throughout their professional journey, they have had the opportunity to work with various small and large companies on an international scale, specializing in home and office furniture, retail environments, lighting, tableware, and bathroom and wellness products. Notably, their collections of home and bathroom furniture have been showcased at prestigious trade fairs across Europe.


Gamze Güven


Taormina Pro Series is designed by Gamze Güven for Bocchi.

Gamze Güven completed her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University in 1987, followed by a Master's Degree from the Faculty of Architecture at the same institution in 1990. Currently, she holds a part-time position as an assistant professor in the "Certificate Program for Design Culture and Management" at Bilgi University. In addition to her academic role, Gamze Guven is the founder of Tasarim Üssü Ltd. Co., which was established in 2000. Through this enterprise, she provides design and consultancy services to numerous national and international industrial corporations operating in diverse sectors, including BOCCHI, Mey Icki, Opet, Ana Gida, Sisecam, PSL World, and Rietzenholf. With an impressive portfolio of over 100 registered prototypes and designs, both domestically and internationally, Gamze Guven has been honored with multiple design awards for her exceptional contributions.


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