ALPHARETTA, GA – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, BOCCHI has experienced a jump in online and showroom sales, the company recently announced. Online sales increased 28% from 2019 to 2020 and showroom sales increased 65% during that same time. A large portion of their success can be attributed to people looking to curate and redesign their homes and spaces and make them as functional as possible as “Stay at Home” orders are placed across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Despite the challenges that were faced in 2020, we, and others in the interior design space were fortunate in that many people looked to design and redesign the places they were frequenting most: their homes and kitchens,” said Akgun Seckiner, Chief Executive Officer at BOCCHI. “For some time in 2020, and now, we are receiving more orders than we have supply for. The home now has to be a place where children can take part in virtual learning, adults have to work from home, and at the end of the day, has to feel relaxing.” 


As was the case with many businesses during 2020, BOCCHI’s success did not come without setbacks as demand grew. Products were being purchased as quickly as they were being produced and shipping containers have been backordered, even into 2021, creating delays in shipping and receiving. BOCCHI’s factories have made adjustments to keep up with the increasing demand, as units sold increased by 82% from 2019 to 2020. 


As a whole, the kitchen and bath remodeling sector has seen a 40% jump in demand, according to CNBC, as homeowners looked to invest more into making their homes more habitable through complete redesigns or simple upgrades. The upward trend is projected to continue amid and post-pandemic. 


For those hesitant to start renovations, BOCCHI offers online support and how-to videos for customers considering kitchen upgrades and sink installations. Expert advice can be accessed via the BOCCHI website, or on social media. Color chips of the fireclay are also available on request. 


“For those homeowners who are considering making an interior design change, but aren’t quite sure, industry showrooms and wholesalers have made adjustments to safely stay open during the pandemic and can provide professional, one-on-one support,” said Seckiner. “These experts can provide invaluable expertise to ensure the whole space comes together and the products selected are a perfect fit. Because more aspects of life are being conducted virtually, that support can make the difference.”


For more information on BOCCHI and its products, or to connect with an installation expert, visit





Italian by birth. Turkish by design. American by demand.

BOCCHI is taking the US by fire--fireclay, that is. With origins dating back to 1950, BOCCHI brings the history and charm of the Mediterranean to the U.S. Kitchen and Bath market, calling Alpharetta, GA home. BOCCHI’s wide range of products extends from classical to modern, each created by Turkish and Italian designers to lend European style and create distinctive American products that bring more warmth to the kitchen. The company’s special product groupings include timelessly elegant fireclay kitchen and bathroom sinks, with coordinating faucets, accessories and fixtures. Visit BOCCHI on the web at and Facebook at BOCCHI USA. 


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