BOCCHI and ARUCAD Fine Arts University pioneer an unprecedented collaboration to promote sustainable art and support global causes

In a groundbreaking initiative blending art, education and industry, BOCCHI and ARUCAD University have announced a pioneering partnership to launch a transformative Sustainable Art Competition. This innovative collaboration aims to foster the exploration of sustainable art forms, especially among the younger generation, by encouraging the creative use of BOCCHI damaged or broken kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Repurposing the broken pieces into art.

The Sustainable Art Competition serves as a significant milestone in the blending of environmental and social consciousness with the cultivation of emerging talents.

Winning artworks will be proudly exhibited at the combined Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Feb 27-29, 2024; providing budding artists with an international platform to showcase their ingenuity and gain widespread recognition. Underscoring BOCCHI’s commitment to global sustainability and meaningful contributions, proceeds generated from the collaboration will be donated to three esteemed non-profit organizations. Based in the USA and Türkiye, and dedicated to working across borders, these organizations aim to foster youth development and promote meaningful causes worldwide. 


See the inaugural exhibition of the BOCCHI Sustainable Art Project in booth N2563.

Don’t miss this visionary initiative designed to foster collaboration, ignite creative innovation, and contribute to the broader mission of building environmental awareness and social responsibility within the art and design community.

For more information about this groundbreaking partnership and the upcoming Sustainable Art Competition results, stay tuned to the BOCCHI Blog at!

Click the image below to register for a FREE PASS to the KBIS industry show courtesy of BOCCHI / Use Code EXIV816343 … See you in Vegas!!



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