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For over 70 years, BOCCHI’s mission to provide creative and innovative kitchen and bath solutions while caring for people and the environment remains steadfast. From design, production, transportation, through usage and discardment, BOCCHI’s fireclay sinks are environmentally friendly and continue to be developed for a more sustainable future.

Alpharetta, GA, April 17th,2023- BOCCHI is proud to share its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint as we celebrate Earth Day this month. As the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Risk Report identified climate change as the biggest risk, BOCCHI recognizes the urgency of taking action. The company’s medium and long-term goals include minimizing waste, saving energy, complying with environmental regulations, reducing costs, and conducting activities in accordance with environmental requirements. BOCCHI’s production process results in zero hazardous waste, and all the fireclay used in the sinks is 100% organic and recyclable. Any unfinished and unfired material can be reutilized and all BOCCHI fireclay contains recycled content from products that went before it. In the United States, customers can recycle their old sinks with select industrial landfills while in Turkey, sinks become road construction material and are used in making concrete.
From production to usage and discardment, BOCCHI’s mission has always been to care for people and the planet. The company’s fireclay sinks are designed to be functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing while being gentle to the environment. “BOCCHI makes it a priority to give back to the environment what we’ve taken, leaving it in a better place than when we started'', stated Akgun Seckiner, Chief Executive Officer. Production innovations to improve efficiency and reduce water consumption, using fewer chemicals to eliminate toxic wastewater, are constantly being applied to all fine fireclay products. For example, warm water from new heat exchangers is used to clean pressurized casting molds, therefore reducing the amount of water that is needed. Water-efficiency also means cost-savings for consumers. BOCCHI toilets are also designed to work with water conserving 1.28 gallons per flush tank and even dual flush tanks that use as little as 0.9 gpf, resulting in less water usage for consumers compared to traditional toilets.
The Baveno Hide-Away Kitchen Sink System which won the Best of Show and Best of KBIS Kitchen Product Gold at KBIS 2023, is a fireclay sink that is also water efficient. The Clean+ Technology applied to fireclay sinks make them hygienic and easy to clean using less water without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. Using high quality materials and technologies, fireclay sinks are reliable and can last for decades, reducing the need for customers to change sinks and reducing waste.
BOCCHI has also implemented a comprehensive energy efficiency project, with the goal of achieving a net zero target by 2050. BOCCHI aims to reduce our carbon footprint by 3 percent every year until 2035, reaching 50 percent by 2035. To achieve this, we plan to invest in green energy and utilize solar energy. We are installing energy recovery recuperators in 10 furnaces and using electricity-saving motor drives in company production facilities. In addition to this, fireclay is fired up in kilns that have better management of energy output than traditional methods of sink production. Energy-saving projects are not limited to recuperators only. BOCCHI has heavily invested in reducing natural gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while limiting fossil fuel consumption by sourcing 60% of raw material locally and using alternative transportation methods to reduce fossil fuel consumption. BOCCHI is proud to be taking concrete steps towards a sustainable future, and we encourage other companies to join us in our efforts. As we celebrate Earth Day, we must remember that the climate change crisis affects today and tomorrow, and we must act now to preserve our planet for future generations. 
Italian by birth. Turkish by design. American by demand. The company’s origins date back to 1950, bringing the history and charm of the Mediterranean to the U.S. Kitchen and Bath market, calling Alpharetta, GA home. BOCCHI’s wide range of products extends from classical to modern, each created by Turkish and Italian designers to lend European style and create distinctive American products that bring more warmth to the kitchen. The company’s special product groupings include timelessly elegant fireclay kitchen and bathroom sinks, granite kitchen sinks, coordinating faucets, accessories and fixtures. Harmoniously bringing together tradition and design, proudly standing for quality, durability and care. Learn more at

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