BOCCHI Embraces Pantone’s and Sherwin Williams’ 2023 Colors of the Year with Vibrancy and Soul



Exclusive BOCCHI colors complement the vibrancy, audacity, joyous Viva Magenta, Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year. While BOCCHI’s versatile colors can add a splash of character reminiscent of the natural wonders of the world to Sherwin Williams’ earthy Redend Point. Whether as an accent color or a neutral complement, BOCCHI’s kitchen and bathroom colorful selections will create a vivacious home.

Alpharetta, GA, January 20, 2023 - BOCCHI embraces the brave, fearless, rebellious spirit of its customers. With Pantone’s Viva Magenta, customers can reflect their bold personalities with exclusive BOCCHI colors in their homes. Pairing BOCCHI’s Orange or Sapphire Blue with Viva Magenta walls and furniture will surely invite joy and brighten up the kitchen and bathroom. Too daring? Opt for Redend Point walls or cabinetry with BOCCHI’s bold colors of Matte Mint Green, Matte Gold, and Black to create warmth in your kitchen and bath while commanding attention to beautiful fixtures. There’s a BOCCHI color for every personality.


Pantone named the cochineal beetle inspired red shade, Viva Magenta, as 2023 Color of the Year to signal strength. Pantone explains the Viva Magenta color psychology that with the COVID pandemic, increased violence, and global environmental degradation, Viva Magenta lends power to weather through the unpredictable year but also grace, love, and life. Incorporating Viva Magenta into a home can energize homeowners and their guests. BOCCHI’s bright colors can enhance the energy while BOCCHI’s more neutral colors can tone the eye-catching red down for a calming effect. Embracing the uncertainties of life can certainly be stressful, so create a home with colors that can rejuvenate and empower each day of the new year with vibrancy. 


Sherwin Williams’ Redend Point is the 2023 Color of the Year for homes. It is a very flexible color that immediately brings warmth to a room. Redend Point evokes joyous memories of summer fun and travels when combined with BOCCHI’s more earthy colors. When combined with BOCCHI’s blue-toned colors, an image of the setting sun over a desert with its lingering warmth and oncoming night comes to mind. No matter the color choice to complement Redend Point, a BOCCHI kitchen is fittingly soulful for the heart of the home. 



Italian by birth. Turkish by design. American by demand. The company’s origins date back to 1950, bringing the history and charm of the Mediterranean to the U.S. Kitchen and Bath market, calling Alpharetta, GA home. BOCCHI’s wide range of products extends from classical to modern, each created by Turkish and Italian designers to lend European style and create distinctive American products that bring more warmth to the kitchen. The company’s special product groupings include timelessly elegant fireclay kitchen and bathroom sinks, granite kitchen sinks, coordinating faucets, accessories and fixtures. Harmoniously bringing together tradition and design, proudly standing for quality, durability and care. Learn more at

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