A BOCCHI Thanksgiving



Where is the heart of your house this Thanksgiving? At BOCCHI, the heart of our celebration is in the kitchen. As members of our team are celebrating the holiday with family and friends, continuing or creating a tradition of gathering, cooking, and reminiscing, we are grateful for the opportunity to share our creativity and ingenuity with the world for 72 years. Our durable and timeless kitchen sinks have been a part of many families’ gatherings, handling all sorts of tough jobs, and still remaining a trustworthy component in any kitchen. A BOCCHI Kitchen beats with the pulse of your home, never slowing you down.


Whether you celebrate your Thanksgiving with a handful of people or with a houseful of loved ones, you can rely on your BOCCHI Kitchen or Bathroom to help you gracefully through the fun chaos. Using Fine Fireclay, a 100% organic material, and the Clean+ Technology that offers a super smooth surface, a BOCCHI Kitchen or Bathroom is hygienic, easy to clean, and durable. Designed to be beautiful, functional, and with the utmost care for people and environment. Our sinks are impact- scratch- and stain- resistant and handle extreme heat well, so bring on the straight-out-of-the oven turkey drippings, hot potatoes, or even Louisiana seafood boil. BOCCHI sinks can handle all that to help you bring a delicious feast to the table. Every time you use a BOCCHI product, rest assured that you are using a high-quality product for a valued experience.


BOCCHI is a Silver Sponsor vendor of the Bath Kitchen Buying Group, a business co-op of “the largest shareholder-owned and operated kitchen and bath buying group in North America.” We are thankful to be a part of this phenomenal community of people who are constantly looking to connect with others to learn of best practices, current and emerging trends, and to grow their business. We are excited to share our journey from manufacturing through selection and installation in homes with some very knowledgeable kitchen and bath designers and contractors. They trusted us to deliver quality and lasting products, and we did it.


And like the colorful conversations that happen during a family gathering, BOCCHI offers exclusive colors on kitchen and bathroom products, bringing together tradition and modern functionality that fits every shade of you. So, color your world with BOCCHI  and show a bit of your personality through the fine products you’ve chosen. And perhaps your BOCCHI Kitchen or Bathroom will spark some colorful conversations too.


However, you spend Thanksgiving, we hope you will make beautiful memories that last a lifetime. From our BOCCHI family to yours, have a lovely celebration.


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