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BOCCHI                                                                                     GRAB BARS    9

                FUNCTIONALITY & SAFETY

                IN THE BATHROOM

                  smooth,   fi  o  Soft-T  G  B  transf  t  handica  a  bathroom
                from the ordinary institutional look to a colorful, exciting atmosphere.
                Soft-Touch Grab Bars have bacteria-resistant surfaces, which adds increased hygiene when using the
                toilet area. Their scratch resistant surfaces ensure a long-lasting hygiene while adding to the durability
                of the bars.
                      Soft-T      greatl  improv    saf        bathtub. Non-slip
                surface is required since users’ hands are wet when grabbing.

                SOFTNESS OF VELVET
                Soft-Touch Grab Bars have a special coating that will give you a velvet-like touch and feel. This will
                provide a much more comfortable feel as compared to conventional metal grab bars.

                WARM TOUCH

                When your hand touches a traditional metallic bar's surface, the metal pulls the heat away from your
                body and the perception is cold. On the contrary, specially coated Soft-T ouch technology reflects the
                heat from your hand thus your body perceives it to be warm.

                Special soft surface coating allows the best grip with the least effort even when hands are wet.

                Soft-Touch Grab Bars provide hygiene by preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew on its surface,
                helping avoid the creation of undesired odors or stains.

                NO-RUST & NO-SCRATCH

                Even the highest quality stainless steel will undergo oxidation over time. A once brilliant finish will
                fade. Thanks to its special coating the Soft- T ouch Grab Bars don’t rust, keeping it’s like-new look for


                Bocchi offers 3 different colors for you to personalize Soft-Touch Grab Bars with your favorite color.
                Say goodbye to dull bathrooms.
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