Farmhouse Short Apron Front Fireclay 34" Single Bowl Kitchen Sink for easy Retro-Fit
Model #: 1551-001-0120
Color / Finish : White - 001
MSRP : USD 700.00

Nuova Pro workstation sinks make remodels a breeze with a specially designed short apron-front that fits on standard base cabinets before slanting back to the deeper depth farmhouses are known for. The unique face also hides imperfections in cuts on cabinet faces. 

May be undermounted or dropped-in. Compatible with workstation sink accessories to maximize usefulness and keep prep areas cleaner.  Accessories work with either installation type but undermount settings do require counters are cut with a semi-reveal ledge along the back. This exposed area should be approximately 11/16" to comfortably fit the accessories. 


Stainless Steel Grid & Sink Strainer


Wooden Cutting Board Model # 2320 0004

Colander w/Wooden Handles Model # 2310 0008

Roller Mat Model # 2350 0005



  • Exclusive high pressure casted, organic fine fireclay construction
  • Includes chrome strainer and removable, stainless steel bottom grid specially designed to protect both your sink and allow enough flex to cushion dishes when accidentally dropped into the sink
  • Short apron front works with both standard sink base cabinets and ones designed for apron-front sinks; may be undermounted or dropped-in to hide rough cuts for easy retro-fit
  • 100% non-porous surface provides unmatched stain resistance compared to matte stone or other composite materials
  • Extreme resistance to chip, discoloration, scratching and cracking; heat resistant up to 2000⁰F
  • Sink can accommodate a garbage disposal - Flange extension not needed
  • Optional accessories sold separately: 2310 0008 colander, 2320 0004 cutting board, and 2350 0005 roller mat
  • Requires a minimum 36 in. wide sink base cabinet, does not require a special base cabinet for apron-front sinks due to unique design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fits Cabinet
    • Size: 36" (914 mm)
Outside Dimensions
    • Length: 34" (864 mm)
    • Width: 21" (533.4 mm)
    • Height: 10" (254 mm)
Inside Dimensions
    • Length: 30.75" (781.05 mm)
    • Width: 17.50" (444.5 mm)
    • Height: 8.75" (222.25 mm)
Item Weight
    • 68.86 lbs. (32 kg.)
Number of Bowls
    • 1
Workstation Sinks
    • Yes: Yes


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