Note, templates are provided for Undermount/Drop-In sinks only. This includes the Fireclay Sotto Collection and the Granite Campino Duo and Campino Uno Collections, as well as the BAVENO 33 and Scala Undermount bathroom sinks.

Templates below are sorted by installation method then product code-- please pay close attention to the details to be certain you have the correct product code and the correct installation method, drop-in versus undermount. Templates are not provided for apron-front kitchen sinks as it is best to use the actual sink being installed as its own template to ensure a perfect fit for your desired projection. 

Undermount & Reveal* Installations

Undermount & Reveal Combination File- Sotto Fireclay Sinks - 1359, 1360,1362 and 1627

  • Undermount & Reveal 1358-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount & Drop-In 1361​-XXX-0120 Sotto ​
  • Undermount & Reveal 1359-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount & Reveal 1360-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount & Reveal 1362-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount & Reveal 1627-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount & Drop-In 1506-XXX-0120 Sotto
  • Undermount 1602-XXX-0126 Campino Duo
  • Undermount 1604-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Undermount 1606-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Undermount 1608-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Undermount 1618-XXX-0126 Baveno Lux
  • Undermount 1634-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Undermount 1635-XXX-0126 Levanzo 
  • Bathroom SCALA Undermount Model No: 1006


Drop-In Installations

  • Drop-In 1627-XXX-0120 Sotto 
  • Drop-In 1602-XXX-0126 Campino Duo
  • Drop-In 1604-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Drop-In 1606-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Drop-In 1608-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Drop-in/Undermount 1616-XXX-0126 Baveno Lux
  • Drop-In 1634-XXX-0126 Campino Uno
  • Drop-In 1635-XXX-0126 Levanzo


*Reveal Installations, or semi-reveal, are available on select sinks to allow for use with certain workstation accessories. Please consult the product detail pages for which accessories are compatible with each sink to determine if a semi-reveal installation is right for you.