Super Smooth Surface

Forget what you know about hygiene! BOCCHI is offering a brand new technology against impurities and germs.

Super Smooth technology was developed to reduce the undesirable stains and calcium deposits on the glazed surface of ceramics that get in touch with impurities.

Super Smooth Surface technology is a result of extensive Research and Development and is 19 times smoother than the regular glazed ceramic surfaces. Super Smooth Surface technology provides unchallenged advantages of good hygiene and repelling impurities compared to normal glazed ceramic surfaces.


Test Results

  Super Smooth Glazed
Standard Glazed
Roughness : Rt. 1.300 Rt. 24.275
Roughness : Rmax. 1.243 Rmax. 23.507
Ruvidità : Rz - D. = 0.953 Rz - D. = Ra = 2.890
  Ra = 0.192 Rz D = 18.153