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6   Fine Fireclay                                                                                         BOCCHI

               FINE FIRECLAY

               Bocchi brings back the ultimate material to your kitchen. Fireclay, a 100%
               natural and recyclable material used by craftsman for centuries to create
               timeless appliances has now returned in to our kitchens. Due to heavy

               manufacturing process, which includes firing the product in kilns up to 2000F
               temperatures, fireclay becomes one of the most durable material used in
               today’s kitchen sinks. Their special glaze coating that is fused with the fireclay
               body during firing gives fireclay sinks a non-porous, uniform surface which
               will not scratch, rust or stain over time.

               Bocchi Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks allow homeowners to complement
               other furnishings and incorporate many different themes to show case their
               creativity. Whether you are considering a Bocchi Farmhouse sink with its

               distinctive design and color personality as the epicenter of your dream kitchen
               or simply willing to enjoy the timeless elegance of fireclay as under mount
               sink, Bocchi kitchen sinks are truly crafted to match your desires and beyond.
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